What is Portal DWI?

Portal DWI is a private pay program currently being utilized in the municipal courts in Jefferson City since May 2012. Portal DWI is a new and innovative education program, for 1st- and 2nd-time DWI offenders, which is facilitated in a 3D virtual environment for the purpose of educating participants on the effects of alcohol use. This online class consists of 10 hours of group education as well as 2 individual meetings with a counselor.

Who is it for?

Not everyone that has dealt with alcohol-related issues is an “alcoholic” or even needs treatment. Portal DWI is an education program only, and is not treatment, which allows many members of the public to comfortably explore effects of their drinking, whether they have a “drinking problem” or not. The groups are relaxed, interesting, and supportive.

Preferred Family Healthcare, Inc., is a proponent in using 3D virtual environments to meet with our clients, individually and in groups.

The Portal DWI Curriculum & what you will explore in the groups:

      1. Laws and Consequences
      2. Financial loss
      3. High Risk Situations for re-offense
      4. Think your way out of Re-offending
      5. Seemingly Irrelevant Decisions
      6. Personality Characteristics and Moral Inventory
      7. Rethinking Drinking
      8. It’s up to you
      9. Thoughts-> Attitudes -> Behaviors
      10. Stages of Change

The curriculum is set up as such that you will be able to join a group at any place during the process. Homework Assignments may be given at the end of each session to be completed for discussion by the next session. This program will not satisfy any SATOP requirements you have. You can download the Portal DWI paperwork, which includes additional information you will find helpful, as well as signup forms. At this time, entry into the Portal DWI program requires a court referral.

” Because the Portal DWI program is online, Courts from all over the state can pool their defendants in order to get enough participants. Often a sparsely populated county or municipality cannot send enough people to a program to make it worthwhile economically. Portal DWI solves that problem. Additionally, since the program is on line it is totally confidential. People in the program, do not know the identities of others. The benefit to this is that participants are more likely to be honest when it comes to their behaviors, which in turn leads to a more effective treatment program. “- Brian Stumpe –City Prosecutor, Jefferson City, Missouri


For more information about Portal DWI please contact: Kathy Hoppe, MAT, CRADC Vice President of Treatment Services khoppe@pfh.org