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What is Team of Concern?

Team of Concern is a community and school based program that provides student, teachers, parents, and families with preventive education and information that increases a person's abilities to avoid risk taking behaviors which could lead to alcohol and other drug use. The goal is to strengthen children, families, and the community to ensure that every youth has a chance to overcome obstacles to living a healthy productive life. Team of Concern also provides individualized supportive services to at-risk youth.

Who is an "at risk" Youth?

Any time a change in your child causes you concern or makes you question it is wise to err on the side of caution and do a little further investigation; this may be just a detailed conversation, a phone call to a counselor, or perhaps a brief screening. Exposure to alcohol or other drugs in the home is a significant risk factor at any age

There are many life situations that can put children at greater risk to experiment with alcohol and other drugs and other risky behaviors. This list is not meant to be all inclusive, but is a good starting point:

Universal Prevention

TOC Universal Prevention activities are conducted by the School Teams Coordinator (STC) using evidence based or promising practice models for service delivery. These activities are designed to align with both the Positive Behavioral Intervention Support programs and character education models in use in partner districts, this programming can easily be modified to meet the needs of both school districts and individual buildings on either an ongoing basis or as a situational enhancement.

TOC Awareness Trainings (Professional Development) - Trainings are provided for all faculty and staff of partnering school districts we serve and address current trends, how to identify at risk students, proper methods for referral, consultation regarding drug and alcohol policies, educational presentations related to substance use /abuse (including signs and symptoms of abuse and trends), referral assistance, resource sharing, and parent education.

Student Awareness Activities - Activities are held in each partner school. Activities inform students how the program works and provide education and awareness related to alcohol and other drugs. Activities may include lunch booths, classroom presentations, small group settings, booths at school events, interactive activities and games, informational handouts, school wide events, and contests. Education focuses on how to acquire and use skills that promote responsibility, resiliency, good decision making, emotion management, pro-social, and other protective factors.

Community Awareness Activities - Activities promoting awareness and education about alcohol and other drugs are held throughout participating districts and are directed toward the larger community, including parents, social service agencies, government, and other residents. Activities include fairs, homecoming parades, art contests, and talent shows for the community.

How can a student receive help?

Anyone can identify a student that they believe would benefit from involvement the TOC program. Those who want to make a referral, including school administration, teachers, parents, and peers are provided with a short checklist to help identify behaviors that are or might be of concern. When intervention and/or referrals are determined to be in best interest of the student, TOC and/or school staff contact the students' parent/legal guardian, discuss the presenting concerns and then work to schedule an appointment at a TOC office, school, or at the youth's home.

What happens after a referral?

  1. The School Team Coordinator and/or school staff will contact the family and talk about the student's current concerns and available resources.
  2. Information about the youth's concern/s is gathered, assessing both the youth's strengths and needs.
  3. Team members discuss the best recommendations.
  4. Youth accepted into the Team of Concern Early Intervention program will be assigned a Counselor and/or Care Coordinator through Preferred Family Healthcare.
  5. The student, family, and PFH staff develop and implement interventions that will address areas of concern to develop skills and abilities to overcome barriers to a healthy, productive, and successful life.
  6. If the services needed are beyond the scope of the Team of Concern program, families are connected to the most appropriate community resource.

Early Intervention Services

Youth admission in the TOC program does not require a specific clinical diagnosis. We offer a variety of resources for youth with varying levels of personal challenges. For example, individual sessions in the program range from a single, simple advice session, to a series of sessions focused on education and behavioral changes. Regular face-to-face interaction between the youth and the counselor is a factor in the program where the youth is able to address and resolve problems related to his or her alcohol/drug use or at risk behaviors. The youth also will work on addressing resiliency skills, refusal skills, conflict resolution, emotion management, peer pressure, and positive friendships. If you know a student who could benefit from Team of Concern services please contact your school's guidance counselor or you can contact us directly.

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St. Louis, MO

"South County"

10024 Office Center Ave Ste 100
St. Louis, Missouri 63128

Phone: 314-729-7050
Fax: 314-729-0920
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Substance Use (Adolescent)

"South County", St. Louis,Missouri St. Louis Missouri St. Louis,MO St. Louis MO St. LouisMO MO, Saint Louis, STL, South County, st louis Outpatient TOC Day Treatment ARTC Adolescent

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St. Louis County, MO

"North County"

11701 W. Florissant Ave
Florissant, Missouri 63033

Phone: 314-972-8132
Fax: 314-830-2565
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Substance Use (Adolescent)

"North County", Florissant,Missouri Florissant Missouri Florissant,MO Florissant MO FlorissantMO MO, Saint Louis, STL, North County, st louis Outpatient TOC Day Treatment ARTC Adolescent

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St. Peters, MO

2120 Parkway Dr.
St. Peters, Missouri 63376

Phone: 636-332-5835
Fax: 636-327-0845
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Map: View

Substance Use (Adolescent)

, St. Peters,Missouri St. Peters Missouri St. Peters,MO St. Peters MO St. PetersMO MO, Outpatient Day Treatment ALEX TOC Adolescent

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Town and Country, MO

14426 S. Outer 40
Town and Country, Missouri 63017

Phone: 636-224-1300
Fax: 314-469-4461
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Substance Use (Adolescent)

, Town and Country,Missouri Town and Country Missouri Town and Country,MO Town and Country MO Town and CountryMO MO Outpatient Day Treatment TOC ARTC SATOP Adolescent

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Troy, MO

269 Firehouse Lane
Troy, Missouri 63379

Phone: 636-528-7226
Fax: 636-528-7227
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Substance Use (Adolescent)

, Troy,Missouri Troy Missouri Troy,MO Troy MO TroyMO MO, Lincoln Wellness Center Outpatient TOC Adolescent

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Union, MO

411 E. Locust St.
Union, Missouri 63084

Phone: 636-584-8724
Fax: 636-584-8725
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Substance Use (Adolescent)

Mental Health

, Union,Missouri Union Missouri Union,MO Union MO UnionMO MO, Franklin County, Outpatient TOC ARTC Adolescent

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