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Portal is an innovative treatment program to serve drug court participants. Treatment is facilitated in a 3D virtual environment with the goal of removing barriers participants may have in accessing treatment services at the level therapeutically beneficial to them.

Treatment can be accessed by the participant from any location they have access to a computer and high speed internet. Preferred Family Healthcare began providing Portal services in 2008. We have been specifically serving treatment court teams since 2011.

  • Portal can be used in conjunction with a traditional treatment provider involved with your treatment court to enhance and/or increase the services for the participant.
  • Portal can be used as the primary treatment provider for participants that cannot access traditional treatment.
  • Participants identity is verified during service provision to assure appropriate use of the services.

Convenient and Effective Virtual Treatment

Virtual World Counseling has given our consumers access to much needed services in an area where there are no treatment options, and they have responded in a manner that is above all expectations.

- Judge Andrea Vandeloecht - Associate Circuit Judge in Chariton County (9th Circuit)

I hope the future brings for me and my recovery that I stay sober that I can lead my life like a normal person without the crutch or extra weight (of drugs). Virtual counseling is excellent for that because any time I need support or things of that nature, I can hop on and talk to my counselor and it helps with whatever problem I may have.

- Derek Ayers - Past Portal Consumer and Person in Recovery

When I first heard that virtual counseling would be part of our programming I wondered if the participants would take it seriously and open up in counseling sessions. After clients get used to the mechanics of the virtual world they have been comfortable sharing. Some are more comfortable than in traditional counseling which has assisted them in progressing faster by combining both therapies. The other concern was how we would effectively communicate to reach common goals/treatment planning. Through texting, email, and at times attending staffing, the PFH virtual counselors have been excellent in their communication and availability to the staff. Virtual counseling has been a benefit to the participants and enhanced the treatment they receive. Participants also enjoy exploring the virtual world when not in counseling sessions.

- Joe Fine - Traditional Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (12th Circuit Drug Court)

For more information please contact:

Kathy Hoppe, MAT, CRADC
Vice President of Treatment Services

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