Oklahoma Substance Use

Services are provided in a therapeutic, alcohol and drug-free setting that encourages productive, meaningful, age-appropriate alternatives to substance use. Treatment is individualized according to the person’s gender, age, cultural background, and race. Treatment interventions promote the recovery process, provide skill development, and address relapse prevention. The program uses a holistic approach that encompasses the consumer’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. The persons served are informed of what is available in the local community to encourage and assist in the recovery process, both during and after treatment. Family members and key supports are encouraged to participate in the treatment process with the consent of the person served.

Admission Criteria

Consumers are male and female, age 12 and over from a variety of ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds. The individual must have a history of substance use. The consumer will be evaluated and treated in the least restrictive environment possible based on ASAM criteria.

Staff Qualifications

Our clinical teams consist of staff holding varying state licensures and certifications with demonstrated competency in treatment of substance use disorders as well as co-occurring disorders. All staff providing principal counseling services meet or exceed the requirements set forth by the governing agency.

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