Disease Management

Enhanced Services

PFH is part of a statewide effort to promote healthy living, and we would like to offer you the opportunity to receive enhanced services in addition to your Mo HealthNet care, though Preferred Family Healthcare. These services are covered under your Mo HealthNet (Medicaid) benefits, so there is no cost to you.

What Disease Management can offer:

• Transportation assistance
• Employment/education assistance
• Wellness coaching
• Inpatient/outpatient substance use assistance
• Primary care/dental/OB/medication/vision assistance
• Assistance maintaining/obtaining housing
• Assistance with obtaining food
• Financial planning assistance
• Assistance with obtaining utility resources
• And more…

• Coping skills
• Trauma counseling
• Depression/anxiety/stress

• Medication education
• Assistance with medication refills
• Assistance at your doctors appointments
• Annual metabolic panel (risk screening for diabetes and cardiovascular disease)

• ART/creative groups
• Access to creative supplies
• Involvement in creative activities in home and the community