Autism Spectrum

PFH Employment Services offer staff specialized in meeting the needs of people who are on the autism spectrum. Individuals are served using a team approach consisting of the participant, family and friends, referring counselor and/or service coordinator, and PFH team members.

Services Include:

  • Pre-vocational training
    • Provided in partnership with the SW Parent Advisory Council Prevocational Training and DMH-DD Regional Offices, prevocational training includes a variety of job, social and independent living skills development activities designed to prepare individuals for beginning or enhancing their career. Training activities are provided in an individualized manner, utilizing a community-based philosophy.
  • Specially designed vocational planning
    • Assessments and planning of vocational goals consider the unique needs of people who are on the autism spectrum. Community-based career planning includes work site tryouts, job shadowing, informational interviews and related experiential methods to learn about the person, as well as their interests and support needs.
  • Job placement
    • One-on-one support is available throughout the job placement process. This includes intervention with employers regarding accommodations that might be needed and identifying and building appropriate behavior.
  • Ongoing support once a person is working, which may include:
    • Job coaching and/or on-the-job training.
    • Assistance with developing the necessary accommodations and work-site supports to ensure employment success.
    • Disability awareness and accommodations training for employers.
    • Assistance with benefits planning.
  • Extended follow-along services
    • Provides ongoing assistance such as education and consultation for employers and proactive planning for anticipated support needs for individuals.
    • Assists with changes in supervision, skill requirements and other environmental variables that could impact the success of long-term employment.
  • Coordination with other community agencies and organizations
    • Throughout services, our team provides information and assistance in accessing support designed to meet the unique needs of individuals on the autism spectrum. Resources include parent advisory councils, local support groups and many others.
For additional information, locations, or to find out how to enroll in one of our programs, please contact our "College Road" location in Springfield, Missouri or our "Maiden Lane" location in Joplin, Missouri.