Anger Management

Anger Management has been designed for individuals who want or need to receive anger management education; due to court or other legal requirements, at the request of their employer, or for personal improvement.

Anger Management is an educational class which allows participants to comfortably explore effects of their anger on their lives and those around them while developing techniques to better address problematic anger patterns. These classes are facilitated by a certified clinician and are held “in person”. This class consists of 9 hours of group education provided in weekly hour and a half classes over the course of six weeks.

Anger Management Curriculum

This evidence based cognitive behavioral curriculum is developed for anyone to join in a timely manner by entering at any point throughout the class curriculum. Classes are scheduled in a manner we hope will work around your school, work, and family obligations. Homework assignments may be given at the end of each session to be completed for discussion by the next session. If you are unable to attend in person, Preferred Family Healthcare also offers an online Anger Management class. To find out more about the online option, please visit our “Portal Anger Management” page. Click here to view the Anger Management Handbook

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