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Alternative Learning EXperiences (ALEX) provides education support and substance abuse intervention, in partnership with local schools, for students who need help. Working with young men and women, and their families, our innovative team assists individuals in overcoming addiction to drugs and/or alcohol while earning credits toward their high school diploma or GED.
I love my ALEX Center. I don't feel bullied or put down here. People treat me like I am important.

What educational services are provided?

Because of ALEX, I became a better person for myself, and I now have a future to look forward to. Because of ALEX, I now have hope.

What treatment services are provided?

I am able to concentrate on my studies without worrying about being pressured to smoke pot or go to a drinking party.

Peer and community support programs are offered:

I went back to my high school, but my grades were starting to drop. I felt alone and isolated and felt like my world was falling apart. I called my ALEX teacher and said I just want to come home (to ALEX).

Locations that offer Alternative Learning Experiences

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Desloge, MO


903 E Chestnut St, Suite D&E
Desloge, Missouri 63601

Phone: 800-587-ALEX
Fax: 573-431-8975
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Substance Use (Adolescent)

ALEX, Desloge,Missouri Desloge Missouri Desloge,MO Desloge MO DeslogeMO MO, ALEX shared address Adolescent

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Kansas City, MO

ALEX Kansas City

8333 East Blue Pkwy Dr.
Kansas City, Missouri 64133

Phone: 800-587-ALEX
Fax: NA
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Map: View

Substance Use (Adolescent)

ALEX Kansas City, Kansas City,Missouri Kansas City Missouri Kansas City,MO Kansas City MO Kansas CityMO MO, KC, KCMO, Blue Parkway ALEX shared address Adolescent

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St. Peters, MO

2120 Parkway Dr.
St. Peters, Missouri 63376

Phone: 636-332-5835
Fax: 636-327-0845
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Map: View

Substance Use (Adolescent)

, St. Peters,Missouri St. Peters Missouri St. Peters,MO St. Peters MO St. PetersMO MO, Outpatient Day Treatment ALEX TOC Adolescent

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CARF Accredited

Where applicable, our services are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. This achievement is an indication of this organizations dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives of the persons served.

Professional Staff

Advance Practice Nurses
Registered Nurses
Family Therapists
Licensed Social Workers
Community Support Specialists
Certified Teachers
Prevention Specialists
And many more..

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Preferred Family Healthcare is a dynamic and caring organization committed to providing integrated care to assist individuals in achieving overall health and wellness.